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100 $ Laptop

A few days ago the MIT Media Lab unveiled the 100$ Laptop. These laptops will feature a 500 MHz AMD Chip, WLAN, a colorscreen and crank handle to recharge the batteries and will be sold to the ministries of education at a cost of 100$ each.
The initiative "One Laptop per Child" is led by Nicholas Negroponte and will start distributing laptops in early 2007 to China, Egypt, Thailand and Brazil.

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the virtual second generation

On the negotiation of ethnicity on the internet
"The internet - the new global media, linking people transnationally, providing a public for the marginalised, fostering democracy - versus the internet - virtual irreality, detached from the real world, space for escape, leading to social isolation. From these extreme views research has moved to ethnographic analyses of what actually happens online. Especially young people around the world have adopted the internet as their medium, creating their own virtual spaces. The research project The virtual second generation analyses how, why and with what consequences second generation Indians in Germany do this. ..." [read more]

Most of the publications are in german, but Goel' s "Fatima and - A refuge in virtual space", that has been published in: Angelika Fitz, Merle Kröger, Alexandra Schneider und Dorothee Wenner, Import Export - Cultural Transfer - India, Germany, Austria, Parhas Verlag, Berlin, 201-207 is online available as .pdf, too.
Goel' s page moreover is a rich resource for student works on online communities and ethnicity on the internet.
Check it out!

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vlog goes tv

"Der US-Fernsehsender ist eine Mischung aus MTV, Nachrichtensender und kollektivem Video-Weblog der Zuschauer im TV-Format. Fernsehprofis produzieren mit Amateuren aus dem Publikum.

Der neue US-Fernsehsender Current TV will der alten Idee der Bürgerbeteiligung ein neues Fernsehformat widmen. Die von Al Gore mitbegründete Station setzt dazu auf freie Mitarbeiter, die mit digitalen Videokameras kurze Clips erstellen und dabei Online-Formate mit der Fernsehwelt vermählen.
Currents Programm besteht aus ein bis fünf Minuten langen Dokumentarkurzfilmen und Montagen, im Senderjargon auch Pods genannt. Thematisch widmet man sich Jugendkultur, Technologie, Politik und dergleichen mehr. 25 Prozent der Inhalte werden von videobegeisterten Zuschauern produziert, die ihre Filme über eine Community-Website hochladen."


Ich Find den Stil des Artikels so toll: "Thematisch widmet man sich Jugendkultur, Technologie, Politik und dergleichen mehr." - Wenn das nicht aus ner Pressemappe kommt.

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music genome project

Pandora, a commercial internet radio is the offspring of an interesting thing called the
music genome project: "On January 6, 2000 a group of musicians and music-loving technologists came together with the idea of creating the most comprehensive analysis of music ever.

Together we set out to capture the essence of music at the most fundamental level. We ended up assembling literally hundreds of musical attributes or "genes" into a very large Music Genome. Taken together these genes capture the unique and magical musical identity of a song - everything from melody, harmony and rhythm, to instrumentation, orchestration, arrangement, lyrics, and of course the rich world of singing and vocal harmony. It's not about what a band looks like, or what genre they supposedly belong to, or about who buys their records - it's about what each individual song sounds like.

Over the past 5 years, we've carefully listened to the songs of over 10,000 different artists - ranging from popular to obscure - and analyzed the musical qualities of each song one attribute at a time. This work continues each and every day as we endeavor to include all the great new stuff coming out of studios, clubs and garages around the world.

It has been quite an adventure, you could say a little crazy - but now that we've created this extraordinary collection of music analysis, we think we can help be your guide as you explore your favorite parts of the music universe."

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focussing IT, politics, education and society

Tangentium: A relatively young online journal devoted to alternative perspectives on IT, politics, education and society. Volumes that has been released since fall 2003 sound interesting, see for example March 2004 Issue Cyberspace and Noösphere: "Having considered more practical applications of ICT in our previous issue, this month we explore some issues in political theory and philosophy which are relevant to ICT. We do so to address the following questions.

  • Why do discussions of "cyberspace" fail to define this idea with any depth?
  • What false assumptions result from this failure?
  • How can we better describe what "cyberspace" actually is, and what can we then do with this idea?
    We propose that these ideas can only be succesfully explored with reference to some concepts developed from environmental science and philosophy. "Cyberspace" could be seen as a sub-division of the intangible but real reservoirs of human consciousness and shared memories. This "sphere" has been termed "the noösphere". The origins and development of this idea are explored in the supplementary essayThe Biosphere and the Noösphere. We can construct a useful model for analysing cyberspace only through appreciating the reality of the noösphere and the ways in which it relates to other aspects of Earthly existence. This is addressed by the feature essay, Controlled Change: The Politics of ICT and the Noösphere.
    This develops the idea of cyberspace as not a new "space" which emerged only through the use of ICT, but as an interaction between the noösphere and a particular technology -- computing technology. Analysis of cyberspace and the interactions which occur there cannot therefore be conducted as if cyberspace is isolated from other concerns such as power relations, or isolated from its own history and the history of the noösphere as a whole."

via entry at purse lip square jaw

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Macht der Medien

GPS Damenhöschen begeistern die Männerwelt.

"Während die Männerwelt also verständlicherweise begeistert auf diese GPS-Schlüpfer reagiert, rümpfen Feministinnen empört die Nase und sprechen von "forget-me-not-or-I'll-fucking-kill-you panties", die den Freiraum von Frauen und Mädchen gewaltig beschränken würden. Dennoch, den Siegeszug des Funk-Slips werden sie nicht aufhalten können. Die Seite, auf der die Höschen angeboten werden, ist bereits wegen zahlloser Weblog-Erwähnungen mehr als 440000-mal angeklickt wurden, obwohl sie erst am 19. Mai online gegangen ist. - Und wir müssen gestehen, auch wir wären fast auf diese ach so sensationelle Geschichte hereingefallen." ...mehr hier

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g33k of the w33k

Kerleone has done an impressing trick two days ago (aka has shown impressingly some comtechdigital mastership).
He went online with his ancient 12V Toshiba 1200XE Laptop under Windows 2.0, and posted a blog entry with Word 1.1a wirelessly accessing internet via his mobile.
(No, these were not all the components that had been necessary.) For a detailed describtion see his Retro Wireless Blogging Tutorial [in german; in case u are capable of Kommandozeilenbefehlsvocabulary you will get through anyway I guess] and you might be interested in related entry lo tek nexus over at xirdalium.
I propose to present the (*ehm symbolic) cup to this week`s geek when I come to Munich the next time, which is going to be next month.

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internet and academic knowledge production

Tak Watanabe at Savage Minds some days ago posted an entry on using blogs in knowledge production inspired by Aaron A. Fox` website Real Country, which accompanies his recently published ethnographic study Real Country: Music And Language In Working-Class Culture and provides a selection of primary data as there are interview transcripts, audiofiles, pictures, stuff like that.
Moreover, Fox installed a blog to get into dialog with his readers:
" Welcome to my blog. I'm the author of Real Country: Music and Language in Working-Class Culture, just published by Duke University Press. This is a book about country music ( ... ) as the art of working-class Texans.
I've created this blog as a place for readers (and prospective readers) of the book to discuss it, review it, and interact with me. In particular, I'm hoping that students who read this book in classes will feel free to use this blog as a resource."

It can be used by other professionals working in similar fields too, despite of possible impact on especially academic knowledge production in general.
See also entry at fieldnotes and entry at

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Volkskunde gelingt Durchbruch in der Erzählforschung

Am allerersten Tag des Ethno::logs, dem 29. Oktober 2002, haben wir die story Link to Nigeria geposted. Bald folgte
Problems with Nigerian Frauds are getting bigger und schließlich 2004 der etwas mehr Hintergrund bietende Artikel Scambaiters. Mit "Scambaiters" wollten wir zeigen, daß "419 Scam" (die berühmt-berüchtigten Trickbetrüger e-mails) nicht nur ernstere Konsequenzen nach sich ziehen kann, sondern auch zu einem Teil eines vielschichtigen Tricksterspiels geworden ist. Zu einer Real- oder Metasatire der online-Kultur. Und des Tricksters Atem reicht lang ...

Aber jetzt endlich beschäftigt sich auch die Wissenschaft mit dem Phänomen, nicht nur obskure weblogs wie dieses hier. Namentlich Vertreter des zu globalen Themen berufene ehemals sogenannte Fach Volkskunde. Klaus Leth hat für Associated Press (AP) eine Story verfasst, in der er sich auf Aussagen des Münchner Volkskundlers Klaus Roth bezieht. Spiegel Online, Stern online, die Stuttgarter Zeitung online und das Bocholter-Borkener Volksblatt online haben den Artikel veröffentlicht. Hier ein Auszug:

Es handelt sich hier um fantastische E-Mail-Geschichten, mit krimineller Absicht", sagte der Volkskundler Klaus Roth auf einer Fachtagung in Marburg. Die betrügerischen Mails stünden ganz in der Tradition der Lügengeschichten: Aber statt wie früher den Leser einfach zu unterhalten, solle dieser selbst aktiv werden und Bankgeschäfte tätigen.
Auch in Zukunft werden Internetnutzer wohl Lügenmärchen in ihrem Postfach finden. Laut Roth gibt es in Nigeria Tagungen, bei denen Interessierte lernen können, wie man mit Mails viel Geld verdienen kann. Vorträge mit Titeln wie: "Mache viel Geld mit sehr wenig Mühe", "Grammatikfehler: Die optimale Anzahl" oder "Sind zehn Millionen E-Mails am Tag zu viel?" sollen den größtmöglichen Profit gewährleisten.

Zu ergänzen wären noch die Themen "The effectiveness of using all UPPERCASE characters." (Kategorie Debate) und "The taxman he's a comin': Keeping good and accurate records" (Kategorie Accounting).

Auch Elite Trading hat sich die story zu eigen gemacht. Vielleicht versuchen ein paar Elite-Leser, zukünftige experteninformierte Elite-Manager bereits, sich für die nächste solche Konferenz zu registrieren, die Teil eines Elitestudiengangs werden könnte? Wir haben weder Kosten noch Mühen gescheut (d.h. wir haben weblogs gelesen), um ihnen die notwendigen Informationen zukommen zu lassen:

Register Now!

Registration is via a confidential money transfer.

Send your bank's name, account number, your name, address, telephone number, and fax numbers. Please note again that this transaction is strictly confidential and as such should be kept secret. Be rest assured that this transaction is 100% risk free.

Kindly send the requested information (in complete confidence) to:

Nigerian EMail Conference
c/o Abuja Sheraton Hotel Abuja
Ladi Kwali Way Abuja, NG PMB 143

Leider ist The 3rd Annual Nigerian EMail Conference bereits vorüber, aber die Official Conference Proceedings stehen online (sorry, all CAPS). Sollte das nicht genügen, findet man auf der Konferenzseite auch einen link zur Spam University [sic!]. Ignorieren Sie die letzte Zeile mit dem link More Humor ... Welcome to the trickster's jungle, Volkskunde.

Erst nachdem die deutsche blogosphere reagiert hat (siehe Nigeria Hard Boiled Egg Connection beim Schockwellenreiter und SpOn und die Nigeria-Connection bei Industrial Technology & Witchcraft), haben Stern und Spiegel Online eine Richtigstellung angehängt. Hier der disclaimer des Spiegels:

Nachtrag: Mit seiner Bemerkung über Trainings-Tagungen ist Volkskundler Klaus Roth pfiffigen Online-Satirikern aufgesessen. Die Mail-Abzocker werden sich wohl auch weiterhin auf ihre hausgemachten Grammatikfehler verlassen müssen.

Aber vielleicht tun wir ja Klaus Roth unrecht und tappen gerade selbst in eine Tricksterfalle. Denn, wenn wir korrekt recherchiert haben, handelte es sich bei der "Fachtagung in Marburg" um die
Jahrestagung des Johann Gottfried Herder-Forschungsrates 2005 (Tagungsbericht), stattgefunden 2005, vom 1. bis zum 3. April ...

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Dina's Social Software Blog

One of the best places to stay informed on social software and networks is Dina Mehta's Blog "Conversations with Dina".


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Viewing weblogs through a historian`s eyes.

A wonderful view on sblogging*this means scientific blogging. I had some fun going google for search request ´sblogfinding out this is defined also as semi-blog as well as survivor blog, to quote two out of--I dont remember how many hits. </span></span> can be read at the <a href="">American Historical Association</a>s page.
An article worth having a short klick in for everyone being interested in what academic blogging is good for and why it might be done.
Ralph E. Luker--founder of Cliopatria, a History News Network based groupblog--offers some possible answers by Were There Blog enough and Time.
Quoting one out of five arguments of Timothy Burke`s reasons to blog: <<Because I'm a compulsive loudmouth.>> [ from Burke’s Home For Imaginary Friends],
Luker responds: <<Burke's fifth point must have amused his colleagues at Swarthmore as much as it did his virtual colleagues in cyberspace, because he models for himself and others "how we should all behave within an idealized democratic public sphere" so very well.

But Burke's fifth point does raise one of the questions one hears about blogging: is it quite respectable?
Perhaps it is not; but as a Methodist, I'm reminded of John Wesley's explanation of why he went out to the mines and fields of England to preach the gospel. "I resolved to be more vulgar," he said. Like Wesley, bloggers are occasionally dismissed as "enthusiasts." But think back to a time when you were young and discovered your passionate love of history. Think back to a time when your idealism told you that, if you could afford to do it, teaching and learning was what you would do, even if you were not paid to do it.
I was not being paid when I found that Cliopatria had its first reader from Nepal, but money could not have bought the thrill of it.
There I am, sitting on a blog in Atlanta, and my student on the other end of that blog is somewhere in the high reaches of Nepal. Amazing.>>

via entry at AnthroBlog Blog

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interested in what gaming does with people?

klick sinn-los special#1 (audiodata by and wait for the clip has loaded completely, it starts automatically then.

let me stress, I could view it with 56kb modem analog connection. :-)

edit: oh my godness. this site is incredible!
dont miss to check out she freak`in blocked me thats filed with rest of movies as "musicvideos".


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