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e2 -- what i think...

what we find in the metacortex is much more than a normal interactive computergame, cause they took the game out of pure isolated fiction into the virtual reality. this game is not only for some freaky somehow closed community, it is open for everyone, who has the possibility to enter the net. the sites included in the game are as normal as other "real" sites. the game is spread all over the net and hidden between serious pages...

sites for going native:

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e2 - Metacortex-guide

Well, on this page you can find a very detailed and extensive guide on the "Alternate Reality Game" METACORTEX. Haven't read much until now, but the page seems to contain tons of information that could answer a few of our questions ... have a nice time by reading! ;o)

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e2 - What is the "MetaCortex" ?

With a quick glance at i found out, that the MetaCortex could be some kind of an "online based adventure or puzzle inspired by ". Participants takeing part in that game are called "detectives" and together they form a community on the internet. They follow hints spread all over the net and solve riddles which are part a so called "case". The "MetaCortex" (i keep writing meatcortex :p) is one of those cases. Unfortunatelly i don't have time to look deeper right now, but if you guys want to find out more, check out their headquater. Maybe you can find someone on their irc-channel to talk to, i had bad luck this morning, just found quiet idlers ...

Interesting aspect of this "homework on fieldwork" is, that by riddeling out, what's behind the "MetaCortex", we "somehow" do exactly the same thing, as the people do involved in the MetaCortex! What a coincident Mister ProfessOr ;-)

Oh well, good hunt, im looking forward on what you guys will find out =) bye

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E2 - Technical Problems solved

I am sorry that we had some technical problems here: Your posts didn't appear in the topic. The failure was that the admins of antville changed to a newer version of this software, and the inside-html name of the "save" button was changed, so I had to correct that also in our templates.

Now everything should work fine. So keep on posting!

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e2 -- Metacortex and Metacortech

What's a Metacortex/Metacortech? There is a very nice explaination and introduction to this topic, written by Omnie, Member of the Forum:

Metacortex press release Hello! For those of you who have no idea what it is we're doing here, I decided to provide a little introduction. Basically, the Metacortex website was found as a sponsored google link by Statik here on MFN some months back. At that point, it was just a flash countdown to October 1st. Hidden in the flash file were six links to random Matrix fansites, confirming that there was indeed a connection to the Matrix movies.

In the days leading up to October 1st, lidox on TLFC discovered that Underscore Hosting, the site that supposedly hosted Metacortex, was actually fake. Take a look around that site and you'll see why. Interest started rising at that point.

On October 1st, midnight Pacific time, the site was updated to what it looks like today. The company is fake, its address and town are's part of a widespread internet game that's known as an ARG (Alternate Reality Gaming). There are puzzles, clues, and a continuing storyline centered around Beth McConnell, the main protagonist who apparently is starting to suspect that the world around her isn't quite what it seems to be. Well, I'll let some links take over at this point. Here are some guides that have the info that we've collected so far:

Some more forums where this game is being investigated:

Unforum (an ARG site) - all of the active puzzle-solving is being done here

The Last Free City (this thread has died recently, but might be of interest to those wishing to see how this began)

The Matrix Community(also isn't very active right now)

For those, who aren't familiar with the Matrix-Movies: The company, Neo (the protagonist of the Matrix-Movies) worked for was named 'Metacortex' and inside this company, there was a name tag with the name 'Metacortech' written on it.

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e2 -- Metacortex

I found something in google about "metacortex" there is a worldwide company developing sofware and information systems The Mission of this company:" To enable the world to fulfill its destiny through technology" There is also a mysterious connection with some kind of a metacortex-conspiracy somehow connected to the movie Matrix. Seems to be some kind of a game...

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e2 -- e_thnology II

As cultural anthropology still isn't too active in studying social and cultural phenomena induced by information and communication technologies (ICT) there is a class on this issues at the "Institut für Ethnologie" in Munich, Germany. The class is called "e_thnology II -- online-communities of practice". Students attending the class will not only have a look on communities-of-practice, but shall organize themselves as an online-community of research, and the category "class" here at the Ethno::log provides the platform. Please give the header of every new story you post for this class the beginning "e2 --", so that all entries can easily be retrieved by the search-function. Post links, findings, thoughts and use the commentary function to create discussion-threads, help each other out, and share results. There are the possibilities to put up images and files, too.

"Go ahead ... and make my day!" ("Dirty" Harry Callahan)

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