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e2_Reality in ARG

I found this article in a forum of cloudmakers there is no connection to any AR Game.

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e2 -- online mysteries and communities

found an article on many2many, a weblog "on social software": it is dealing with our subject and gives a short summary of different args that are or were running, e. g. the collective detectives. as this article isn't up-to-date anymore, it mainly refers to the metacortex game... but this article leads to another weblog: where there's an article posted yesterday by a guy who was asked to be one of the admins of an arg at (a fantasy stock market for weblogs). in his article, he describes his work behind the scenes. other articles I found on the silent lucidity weblog: in the category "essays", someone writes on the topic "notes on building online communities": and

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e2- offline article

So, just like in good old times, I bought the offline-version of "Der Spiegel" and what did I see? The article we discussed: "Internet-Flirten im Flugboot" . Three nice pictured pages about serious ARGs. But there was another interesting article about some "communicating pillars" (3m high, 7m cross). They will be installed next summer in Vienna and London and are made of an around screen, videocams, projectors, micros and speakers. You can see, hear and talk interactively... "Tholos", that's its name, was developed by an Austrian cameraman, Andeas Traint. They hope that they can soon install them in every European metropolis. So, just wait and see :)

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e2_article and links

I found this article about ARG on BBC and this one on IHT. They are not up to date, though. And maybe are posted here somewhere already, reading felt somewhat familiar ... but better post it twice. The same thing concerning this collection of articles about ARGs.

I also checked which sites are linked to CollectiveDetective with lycos advanced search (here are the results). Mainly the sites we discovered already and some informations and discussions especially at

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e2 - Another Course

Anne Galloway, well known weblogger and PhD-Candidate at Carleton University, Canada, is doing (or has done?) a very interesting course about social studies of information technology. The course presentation contains a lot of useful information and up-to-date books.

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If you want to see the online ending of the matrix-arg, they offer a log-file on just if someone is interested. So, another thing I have for you is (some may know already) the irc-server: Try #mysterious for the mysterious stranger game, or #immersivelounge for general infos; By the time I visited these sites nearly nobody was there, hum...

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hi i found a quite interessting article about online games at

maybe someone would like to read

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e 2 - links

After visiting the sites praying mantis listed, I noticed that they are quite inactive right now (please tell me if I'm wrong). About the links: The Metasite ARGN(etwork) is linked to following sites:ARG planet , cloudmakers , deaddrop , mathasboardinghouse , unfiction ; and vice versa! These sites have again further links with other involved sites like: massive , vital productions , etc. Just like Georg said, the collective detectives are quite outstanding, because they seem to be autonomous. They are not "officially" linked to any other player-site on their mainpage. For sure they have links to every game they discuss and some other links can be found in some posts, put not from the site itself. But one important point is, that they are active in gaming. They have two games in work: one is Acheron (new location ), the other is Mysterious Stranger - David Blaine . About the single detectives, I haven't had enough time to compare them right now. I tried to look up some names, but I haven't found them in other cases again... so far. It really takes time to read and compare all, or even some forums. But time will tell - so, just keep on doing, what ya doing, but it got to be funky :o)

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I agree with you praying mantis. These sites seem at the moment to be tho most important ones. As i understood the first one was about the game "the beast" based on the Movie A.I by Kubrik? whateva. This game is now finished but the site developed into a forum for all ARGs. to my mind collectivedetective is a little bit outstanding. For example on their site there isn't the ARG Logo. Continue research. Georg

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e2_The ARG community

To make a start I collected the sites&forums, which are, I suppose, among the most visited:

sites: unfiction ARGN deaddrop marthasboardinghouse cloudmakers CollectiveDetective

forums: ARGNforum unforum

its meant as a sumup of what we found out yet.

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e2 -- Another Fake Company

Well, this is not really a new thing for our debate about the cortechs, but a nice example that also other companies give their fictional companies a place in the cyberspace, or let's say, they will. Take a look at the Union Aerospace Corporation. I guess it wouldn't be to hard to find out where it's from... or better, what potentially will be there in the future.

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e 2 - Community in the strict sense of the term

After skipping through all these sites and working out the 2 texts about the term itself, I - for myself - finally have come to the conclusion, that the definition of community is a „matter of context and interpretation" (RAPPORT). According to the definition of FRANKENBERG (1966) - community is to be characterized in terms of: 1. common interests between people, 2. a common locality, 3. a common social system or structure, 4. members sharing relations with one another and a sentiment towards the group itself - yes, as far as I can see, metacortex is a community - at first sight. And maybe BARTH’s (1969) definition - „social groups achieve an identity by defining themselves as different from other such groups and by erecting boundaries [name? password?] between them" is also appropriate to the metacortex. But to find out what metacortex really is - a condition for defining it as a community, you really have to enter the field and go native - but for a longer period of time - a few days wouldn’t be enough (especially for somebody who hasn’t got any idea of the whole matter). What I can say for sure - because the experience told me -, that if you are not part of a certain community (in this case, the metacortex), you don’t know what the fxxx they’re talking about! But this is only a little interim report - I will go on searching!

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