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e 2 - Community in the strict sense of the term

After skipping through all these sites and working out the 2 texts about the term itself, I - for myself - finally have come to the conclusion, that the definition of community is a „matter of context and interpretation" (RAPPORT). According to the definition of FRANKENBERG (1966) - community is to be characterized in terms of: 1. common interests between people, 2. a common locality, 3. a common social system or structure, 4. members sharing relations with one another and a sentiment towards the group itself - yes, as far as I can see, metacortex is a community - at first sight. And maybe BARTH’s (1969) definition - „social groups achieve an identity by defining themselves as different from other such groups and by erecting boundaries [name? password?] between them" is also appropriate to the metacortex. But to find out what metacortex really is - a condition for defining it as a community, you really have to enter the field and go native - but for a longer period of time - a few days wouldn’t be enough (especially for somebody who hasn’t got any idea of the whole matter). What I can say for sure - because the experience told me -, that if you are not part of a certain community (in this case, the metacortex), you don’t know what the fxxx they’re talking about! But this is only a little interim report - I will go on searching!

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e2-- i agree

I agree with you bloom_e, according to the definitions metacortex seems to be a communtiy furthermore we really have to go native for a longer period, not knowing anything about matrix etc. it is difficult to make an objective report about this subject.
so we can only give a short report of our impressions

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i would say metacortex itself (with that term i mean the metacortex universe consisting of the homepage, underscore hosting, the personal websites of the employees, the telephone numbers ...) is not a community. it seems to be some sort of different reality, established probably by fans or even the movie producers. the fan pages (or detective pages) that emerge around this conceived universe may be a community. my main critic is that these pages do not exist since a long time. they emerged only a couple of weeks ago. until now i would not say a community has been formed. the necessary social forms (like same kind of thoughts, same language or a common feeling) have not been formed as far as i observed. still, it could be a community in the future. the only thing of togetherness so far seems to be the thought of getting behind all the puzzles and riddles. in my opinion this is not enough to form a community.

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