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e2 - What is the "MetaCortex" ?

With a quick glance at i found out, that the MetaCortex could be some kind of an "online based adventure or puzzle inspired by ". Participants takeing part in that game are called "detectives" and together they form a community on the internet. They follow hints spread all over the net and solve riddles which are part a so called "case". The "MetaCortex" (i keep writing meatcortex :p) is one of those cases. Unfortunatelly i don't have time to look deeper right now, but if you guys want to find out more, check out their headquater. Maybe you can find someone on their irc-channel to talk to, i had bad luck this morning, just found quiet idlers ...

Interesting aspect of this "homework on fieldwork" is, that by riddeling out, what's behind the "MetaCortex", we "somehow" do exactly the same thing, as the people do involved in the MetaCortex! What a coincident Mister ProfessOr ;-)

Oh well, good hunt, im looking forward on what you guys will find out =) bye

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i think

there should be more pages doing about the same. but those i saw this morning look a bit deserted. they posted till about the 20th of october but afterwards mot much hapened.

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that was me ..

false login ..

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it seems to me

that this unforum page is one of the most active pages. a lot of puzzles are solved on this page in this forum. probably a bit of fieldwork could be done there.

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to think about

In my mind, this is exactly the kind of thing that the WB would do to create more hype for the third movie and the release of the Matrix Online MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game). This whole thing stinks like Wachowski conspiracy to suck people into the Matrixverse even further than they've already got us, but not a word has been issued that indicates they're involved at all. A few things that stick out...

Originally on the site, the MetaCortex building from the Matrix movie was pictured - the Headquarters pictured on the website now is just a nameless black building with green tint on it. I believe the organizers of this ARG (also called PM's or PuppetMasters) are walking the fine line between making an exciting mystery for Matrix fans, and theft of intellectual property of the Wachowskis

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I'm impressed! :D
Push it further!

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another page ...

Here I found another page with lots of information about that ARG.
If you visit, for example, the official "Metacortechs" page, you can find various hidden binary codes that contain messages and names (e.g. if you enter the name AveryJames at the Redland directory).
I still don't really know the aim of the game but obviously there is something to find out ... on this page (german link) someone claims that you have to find out as much as possible about Neo's ex-employer, the "Metacortechs" company in general.

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praying mantis: Be sure to keep a logfile when you're entering that chatroom again.

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i finally had the opportunity to watch a conversation about the case on irc! here is the log:

(asd202): ok, that was helpful, thanks
(asd202): so it actually has nothing to do with the matrix
(BrianEnigma): Well, there are heated debates over that.
*** sp1k3fru17 has joined #matrix
(BrianEnigma): It borrows a lot of "mythology" from the Matrix universe, but as to whether it is actually funded/run by Warner or the W. Bro's is a big fat unknown.
(sp1k3fru17): wow, phonecall
(asd202): seems kind of costly for someone to just do on their on
(BrianEnigma): ...and lots of Matrix purists are very upset over the unknown-ness of that.
(asd20214): setting up phone numbers and servers and crap
(sp1k3fru17): my dad picked up, and hung up.
(BrianEnigma): Well, I did some calculations on one of the message boards...server hosting is pretty cheap, email addresses are cheap, inbound voicemail numbers are cheap.
(asd202): so either someone has a lot of time and a bit of money to burn, or it's profit driven
(sp1k3fru17): what profit?
(BrianEnigma): It could be indirect "profit"--marketing driven, free PR, that kind of stuff.
(asd202): yeah
(asd202): that would be the only logical reason to do it
(BrianEnigma): It could actually be tied in with the Matrix universe in the form of a later video game or comic book or something.
(asd202): perhaps The Matrix Online
(BrianEnigma): Basically, they have a whole bunch of rabid game players and skeptical Matrix fans that they can steer in any direction they want.
(asd202): it blows my mind to think that someone can go to and get ANYTHING out of that other than some weird little website that may belong to a company or may be fake
(asd202): there's nowhere to go on the website really, it doesn't link anywhere, how do people find out that these other sites are part of it all?
(BrianEnigma): Apparantly, those first couple days were frantic (I wasn't around the first week or so).
(asd202): well actually I take that back, it links to metadex and stuff
(asd202): but still
(sp1k3fru17): so and arent up yet?
(BrianEnigma): Beth McConnell was the first employee of the month, so her name got plugged into the employee directory.
(BrianEnigma): That linked to her bio on MetaDex, which linked to little-boxes.
(BrianEnigma): Everything links to Underscore, pretty much.
(BrianEnigma): little-boxes links to Paranormal Journal, which mentions Cascade Vortex.
(BrianEnigma): Similarly Metacortechs mentions TheAquapolis. :)
(BrianEnigma): Lots of interconnections, but once the web of sites had been established, it took time to figure out the puzzles.
(DarkMain): Little Boxes also links to ""
(asd202): I saw heismissing and sheismissing
(asd202): wtf is that all about
*** White_Knight has left #matrix
(asd202): and I found neo's employee ID on that one site but it didn't list anyone's passwords :/
*** Ozy-y2k Quit (Quit:)
(DarkMain): Mmmmm, going to see The Movie tonight.....
*** catherwork has joined #matrix
* catherwork peeks in before heading home
(sp1k3fru17): gotta go, bye all
*** sp1k3fru17 Quit (Quit:)
*** critter42 has joined #matrix
*** catherwork Quit (Quit: Leaving)
(critter42): heh...came home and found I had been hit by the mIRC exploit in 6.1 :)
(critter42): I guess everyone else is waiting in line for the film...:)
(yeahyeah): hehe.. waiting in line
(asd202): I already have my need to wait in a line..14(DarkMain14): should be good, less than 12 hours to go.....
(asd202): I thought it was 9am eastern?
(DarkMain): im in NZ
(asd202): oh
(asd202): but it's supposed to premiere at the same instant worldwide
(DarkMain): is 12:40 pm here
(asd202): 9am eastern is 14 hours away
(ricduarte): hey, why did they chose that time for the premiere? 14h00 GMT... why?
(asd202): maybe it's a hidden meaning!
(asd202): let's spend a week analyzing it
(ricduarte): i mean, it's mornig in the us... afternoon in europe.. could they be targeting the chinese market?
(asd202): it's capitalist propaganda!
(asd202): encoded into the film

(lol@asd202 :D)

oki, i ll join again tomorrow, seems like the community is waiting for the matrix revolution release ... hopefully that will stir them up a bit =) either i havent found their major chatroom yet or they are quite inactive right now...

good night

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