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Una de las características de la población Hondureña desde el punto de vista étnico es el predominio del mestizaje. Frente a este cabe señalar una minoría aborigen confirmada por varios pueblos que aun integrados en el sistema social del estado Hondureño, mantienen sus particularidades culturales y antropológicas y, en algunos casos, su hábitat. Los siete grupos claramente diferenciados son los que forman los lencas, los misquitos, los Tolú panes, los payas, los chortiz, los sumos y los garifunas. En la frontera con Nicaragua se localizan los chorotegas, y en los limites del Salvador, los pipiles. Otros grupos indígenas precolombinos siguen un acelerado proceso de aculturación e integración en el grupo mestizo o latino.

At Mp3 Honduras you will find a brief overlook of the seven ethnical groups of Honduras. The page is designed by Honduran Artists presenting music and arts of their country. Traditional music and dance like for example "la punta" as well as modern mixtures of Catracha, Punta, Reggae, Rock and African Antilles Rhythms. Downloads available!

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Que tipo de musica es la que mas te gusta?


Strange country - "Reggae".

I don't like punta that much, it sounds a little boring after a while. It sounds better if it goes to Punta Rock as they play it in Belize (but that's not spanish).

Strange also Dominica. In the 70's they had their (creyol) kadans version and suddenly from the end of the 70's they played reggae. big mistake. Half of the island was british the other french.

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De Todo Un Poco

I actually do like Punta, although it always depends on the situation! At home I would listen to Punta Rock, but there's nothing better than to sit at the beach of Honduras listening and looking at some Garifuna Ladies "bailando la punta". Increíble!!!

Combining different kinds of music varies, but in general the results are great. A mixture of Punta and Reggae for example results as good party music... but again, it depends on the place and the people - in space and time!


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un poco

actually I don't like reggae. I like so many styles a lot, I can't like everything.
and I'm a little reserved about combining styles. it really depends what it is. I like music for their sound and melodies not because it's party.

but I know what you mean. this effect I had with cap zouk. I haven't knew this before I've been there. I was surprised because this music is very near to french antilles. now I like it a lot and want have allways the latest. that was because in europe they have their own music picture from cape verde, it's not the real one. ha ha...

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