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xirdalium again

It is more than five years ago that I announced in here that 'finally my cyberanthropological weblog xirdalium' was online. Back then I concluded: 'So, if you want to waste the last bits of your scarce time by reading about cyberculture, cyberanthropology, cyberpunk, computergames, [insert any other word starting with 'c'], the cultural appropriaton of ICTs, or the random bit of strange, then point yourself directly to xirdalium.' And it worked well for quite a time, and a lot of you wasted quite some time over there ... alas since several weeks you were doomed to using your time for stuff that makes sense, as more often than not an 'internal server error' was returned, instead of my faithful xirdalium. But don't you despair, as there is a new hope! Xirdalium has been reborn, at a brand new domain on a professional hoster's servers. So, if you really want to throw your life away to the occasional bits of strange, head over to, and if you feel like it, drop a comment there. And for all you people who graciously linked to xirdalium: 'tis time to update them links :) —zeph

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You should change the website information in your antville account settings. Otherwise your nick will lead us astray.

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Oh my—tnx a lot! Done.

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The finest stuff from ethnology social/cultural anthropology and cyberanthropology. Collected with ceaseless endeavour by students and staff of the Institut für Ethnologie in München/Germany and countless others.
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June 2024
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*uh *d'oh ! Tnks
for not taking it down entirely anyway !! :-)
by orangemcm. (11/29/22, 8:56 PM)
Schade Oh, so bad! The
oldest anthropology blog is closing :(( It seems the whole...
by iglu01 (1/4/20, 4:05 PM)
-- Closed -- I think
it's time to close the weblog, it's already sleeping since...
by kerleone (12/29/19, 1:54 PM)
gelöscht gelöscht
by Timo Gerhardt (6/9/18, 1:57 PM)
Stellenausschreibung des Max-Planck-Instituts für ethnologische
Forschung. Bewerbungsfrist: 15.02.2017 Das Max-Planck-Institut für ethnologische Forschung sucht Doktoranden/Doktorandinnen...
by HatEl (1/31/17, 9:11 AM)
Ethnosymposium in Halle (Saale): Call
for Contribution – 14.-17. Mai 2015 Call for Contribution –...
by normanschraepel (2/9/15, 3:35 PM)
Bruno Latour: Kosmokoloss. Eine Tragikomödie
über das Klima Der Hörspiel Pool von Bayern 2 hat...
by pietzler (11/21/14, 3:23 PM)
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