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Postdoc positions at BIGSAS

The Bayreuth International Graduate School of African Studies (BIGSAS) funded by the Excellence Initiative of the German Federal and State Governments offers Two Postdoc Positions in African Studies (TV-L E13) for one year (extension subject to negotiation and performance) starting April 1, 2008.

The appointees will be expected to accomplish the following:

  • Develop an independent research project in the field of African Studies and submit a full proposal for research funding under the guidance and mentorship of a) the Chair of Romance Literature/Cultural and Media studies with particular reference to African Studies/Area Studies and b) the Chair of Anthropology.

  • Lead a Working Group with doctoral students of BIGSAS and attend BIGSAS colloquia and senior scholar meetings.

  • Provide assistance within BIGSAS activities, including ongoing Graduate School Research Areas. (For further information refer to BIGSAS).

Applicants will hold an excellent PhD or equivalent doctorate and should have experience in university teaching. Ability to teach in German and English and/or French is required; competence in further languages is of advantage.

The University of Bayreuth especially encourages applications by female candidates in order to increase the proportion of female academics. Handicapped persons will be preferred if equally qualified. The University of Bayreuth and BIGSAS provide for a family friendly environment.

Deadline for applications is January 20, 2008.

Applications should be addressed to Bayreuth International Graduate School of African Studies - BIGSAS

Prof. Dr. Ute Fendler, Chair of Romance Literature/Cultural and Media Studies Prof. Dr. Kurt Beck, Chair of Anthropology University of Bayreuth D- 95440 Bayreuth Phone: ++49 921-55 4606/ 55 4608 Fax: ++49 921-55 4607 Email: bigsas[at]

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