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The German webpage is a general overview about the Indians of North America. Historical themes, Mythology, Technology, Problems of nowadays, etc. are included. Created in a popular style it is not academically scientific in all aspects, but still with valuable information and further links to updated pages in the web regarding aboriginal people in North America. Unfortunately just in German so far.

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Yesterday I was at a lecture at the Völkerkundemuesum München about the use of phonographs at fieldwork in the early 20th Century. And it was quite interesting, as i am lover of all kinds of audio recordings. The process of digitalizing of the huge collection of wax and galvano cylinders at the Berlin Phonogramm Archive is still going on, and only because of that I will excuse, that the recordings are not available in the internet. In future they really should, otherwise the use of the recordings will be limited to people who are able and willing to travel to the berlin archive. Until this we can hear some fascinating recordings from the archive at a website of the UNESCO. More information about the archive is available from the german National Geographic.

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Friday's Fascinating Photograph from Fieldwork

From now on the Ethno::log will guide you into the weekend with some nice anthropological photographs I found somewhere.

Tukúya in vollem Tanzschmuck From Koch-Grüneberg's "Zwei Jahre unter den Indianern, Bd.1", 1909, S.281. Koch-Grüneberg did like this picture so much, that he printed a sketched version on the front covers of his book.
I you find an fascinating picture, please send me the picture or name me the book where it is printed.

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The finest stuff from ethnology social/cultural anthropology and cyberanthropology. Collected with ceaseless endeavour by students and staff of the Institut für Ethnologie in München/Germany and countless others.
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