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Languages of the world

On this webpage you can find a lot information about the worlds languages. is a place where you can conveniently find many resources to help you with your research of the world's languages.

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Link from Institute Page

From now you can reach this weblog also from the home page of our institute. Just in case you can't remember the URL of this weblog (which of course is unlikely if you came here ...) but (which is just more unlikely) could remember the URL of the institute.

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Research Project: The Great Chinese Firewall

An Interdisciplinary Research Project at the Freie Universität Berlin is researching "China’s Internet Policy between Technological Development and Political Reaction". Monolog

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Doing Nothing in the Net

The Institute for European Cultural Anthropology in Vienna is doing a research project and exhibition about "Doing Nothing". They were thinking also about doing nothing in the Internet. Not much to read, but a short introduction about "Doing Nothing" in the Net at their website. Via Monolog

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The Database of the Culture's Ethic Ideas

Now, this is some kind of strange idea, so don't read on, if you are in a hurry: Darryl Macer, a New Zealand Professor, researching in Japan, want's to build a database of the ideas of the world. Of ALL ideas, to note. "By understanding which ideas are specific to certain cultures and which ones are universal, policy-makers can make more informed decisions about such agreements, Macer said.[...] For example, while most fundamentalist Christians in the United States oppose all forms of cloning, some Hindus in India might believe cloning research is perfectly ethical. Macer believes that creating a database of the ideas that form the basis of these beliefs will help international policy-makers understand the complex mix of viewpoints at hand.", writes Wired.

Now, taken this idea seriously, this would at least mean full employment for all cultural anthropologists in the world :-)

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Workshop für Studenten Hey,
wollt ihr eure verbale und noverbale Kommunikation trainieren? Und lernen, wie...
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