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KVK :: MetaSearchEngine for libraries

kvk"75 million books and serials in library and book trade catalogs worldwide. A service of the University Library Karlsruhe." From a study-project at the University of Karlsruhe (Germany) grew an immense powerful meta-search interface for online library catalogues: The Karlsruhe Virtual Catalog. A more than comprehensive search site allows you to simultaneously search in nearly every available online-catalogue -- you can choose in which catalogues the engine shall search for you. Included are among numerous others: French National Library, Library of Congress, British National Library, Antiquariat-nets, and even the professional booksellers' catalogues. Due to its architecture and to the priority-connections the search engine maintains, it's oftentimes faster to search via KVK than to directly search in a library's online-catalogue! There are english, spanish, and german versions of the KVK, and those with or without Java. Because of that the KVK works with less powerful connections, too. But you can reach all that intuitively from its start page where you can find FAQs in several languages, too. One of the interesting 'bonus-features' is a clear list of special catalogues.

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Institute of Ethnology (Neuchatel)

neuchatelSince 1997 the Institute for Ethnology at the University of Neuchatel (Switzerland) maintains a website which informs about the lectures, bibliographies (the bibliography-subpage goes back until 1989) and publications of the institute. The categories "Nouvelles brèves" and "On nous pries d'annoncer" contain current news on conferences, exhibitions, job-opportunities, etc. In the french-speaking world the subpage Liens ethno/anthro is known as one of the best online-resources for social/cultural anthropology. [I just visited the site and have to say that it offers even much more -- also for the non-french-speaking. zephyrin]

Institut d'ethnologie (Neuchâtel) L'Institut d'ethnologie de l'Université de Neuchâtel (Suisse) a ouvert un site Internet en 1997, qui vous présente ses programmes des cours, bibliographies, publications. Les rubriques "Nouvelles brèves" et "On nous prie d'annoncer" vous informent sur l'actualité, les conférences, expositions, appels à contributions, offres d'emploi etc. La page des liens est reconnue comme l'une des meilleures de l'espace francophone. La page des bibliographies vous offrent des données depuis 1989.

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Conference: The Audience of Images

Starting in two days in Bayreuth: A conference about the Audience of Images - Visual Publics in Africa and Beyond: "While the recent increase of studies in the realm of visual culture has led to new and exiting insights in the role of images as active agents in the political economy of desire and the shaping of social movements in colonial and postcolonial Africa, the issue of the audience of these images remains a vexing question. All too often respective statements with regard to the actual effect of images on a given public are based more on assumptions than on empirically grounded arguments." Read more / Conference Program...

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News Search Google

This article is for all wishing to contribute to the Ethno::log and are wondering were we get the news from. The news search of Google is a relatively new service of Google, but with the same power as the well know web search of Google. Many of the news here a retrieved by this tool. In this section I put together some links pointing directly to a search for a bunch of words. All links are sorted in regions and then in different kinds of searches. The most easy way to find things of interest are searches with the names of the ethnic groups, which mostly are not used for other things.

If you want a search query stored here also for your personal anthropological region, just leave a comment with the words you want to be linked to and I sort it in.

Ethnologie, Ethnologe, Anthropologie, Anthropologe###Ethnography Persons Levi-Strauss, Geertz, Malinowski Ruth Benedict , Franz Boas, Margaret Mead
Persons Conquerors and discoverers: Columbus, de Ojeda, Vespucci ### Francisco Hernandez de Cordoba, Fernando Magellan ### Hernan Cortes, Bartolome de las Casas, Francisco Pizarro, Sebastian Cabot ### Nikolaus Federmann, Diego de Almagro, Gonzalo Mendoza Conquerors and discoverers in Chile: Juan Fernandez de Ladrillera, Juan Nunez del Prado ### Francisco de Ulloa, Francisco Aguirre, Francisco de Villagra###George Anson, John Narborough, John Byron, Richard Hawkins###Charles Darwin

Chile Bruce Chatwin, Pedro de Valdivia Martin Gusinde, Lucas Bridges

Ethnic Groups Chile - General: Indigenous and Chile, Araucanian or Patagonians ### Indigenous and Chile, Araukanian or Patagonians ### Chile and indian North-Patagonia: Picunche, Mapuche, Huilliche, Huilliches, Cuncos, Chiquillanes, Pehuenche ### Puelche, Chilote, Poyas, Promaucae, Lafquenche South-Patagonia: Chonos, Alacalufe, Yaganes, Tehuelche, Onas, Selknam ### Feuerlandindianer, Fuegians##Yamana, Selk'nam, Halakwulup, Alkaluf, Haush, Kaweskar, Manekenk

Additional News Sources

Indian Country Today. " Week in and week out, Indian Country Today publishes more original journalistic content on American Indian issues - written by a sizeable full time staff of American Indian and non-native reporters with extensive experience in Native communities - than any other news source."

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USA Planning Surveillance of the Whole Internet ...

... and without doubt they are planning to do this also in in foreign sovereign territory. The plan has been established under the Information Awareness Office and officially fights the terror. In german Telepolis and Spiegel reports, in english there is some information at Infoworld.

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Festival of Films about Africa in Cape Town

These days is a Filmfestival called "1st Sithengi Film Festival" in Cape Town. "Open to all, it is expected to focus on movies from developing countries and those highlighting indigenous peoples", reports

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Pehuenche Indians of Chile Fearing Dam Plan

The government of Chile and Endesa, the energy company owned by the Spanish-controlled Enersis Group, are planning to build a barrage at the river Bio-Bio. The Pehuenches most probably have to flee the flooding of their ancestors land, even if formally protected by indigenous laws. But, as so often in such cases, it's also a story about corruption and relations between government and companies. More at the Miami Herald.

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